Payment options

The hotel does not work with reservations paid at check-in, but only with a guarantee at the time of booking.

Once the hotel has confirmed your booking, you will need to pay a guarantee for the first night’s stay, which must be made by bank deposit into one of the accounts below or via PIX:


Holder: Empresa Hoteleira Três Poderes Ltda.
CNPJ: 77946796/0001-02 (PIX Key)

Bank of Brazil

Agency: 0140-6
Current account: 85286-4

Bradesco Bank 237

Agency: 3187-9
Current Account: 611.166-1

Please send proof of payment to:

Please send the receipt duly identified with the name of the booking holder.

The deadline for payment is 3 days after booking. If the time has elapsed without the guarantee, the reservation may be canceled without prior notice.

A gift for you!

If you book directly here and fly in, you get a transfer from Foz do Iguaçu International Airport to the hotel.

Above R$ 900.00, we can pay in up to 6 installments, but only at the time of booking. No installments at check-in)

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