Have experiences extraordinary and unforgettable in Foz do Iguaçu

Welcome to the exclusive natural experience of Foz do Iguaçu

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary and exclusive experience, both inside and outside the Iguaçu National Park. The exuberance of the rainforest is an invitation to connect with natural sensations and venture out on trails full of wildlife, an opportunity to get to know Brazil’s fauna and flora better. Also memorable is the boat trip down the rapids of the river to the beautiful falls of the Iguaçu Falls, voted one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. You can also fly over them from a helicopter. The view of the sky is sure to stay with you forever!

Discover the Iguazu Falls!

Feel the energy of the Iguazu Falls, contemplating their great waterfalls and appreciating the therapeutic effect they bring. As you walk through the forest on the Cataratas Trail, you can hear the sound of water rushing over the rocks. Scientifically, this is extremely good for your health. The other spectacular way to experience its grandeur and magic is from the sky. From inside a helicopter, you’ll see the giant National Park and sections of the Iguazu River winding through the forest until you reach the beautiful falls. There are 275 jumps and the highest, at 80 meters, is the Devil’s Throat. The spectacle, which brings together natural scenery at unusual angles, is postcard-worthy.

Live your most radical side in Foz!

If you’re an adventure lover and want even more excitement when you explore the nature of Foz, take a chance on the skydive or the eco-sports tours on the banks of the Iguacu River. You can raft, kayak, canoe or stand up paddle down the rapids. There are routes of Aguaray, which begins with the Ecological Trail of the Indian, with information about the Atlantic Forest and the biome, until the start of the paddle.. The twin-engine Macuco Safari is another radical and different way to see the Falls. The adventure begins with a jeep ride through the forest, walks along suspended walkways and then the descent down the rapids to the falls.

Discover the history and grandeur of Itaipu!

Itaipu Binacional, built on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay, is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. The Itaipu Power Plant offers a variety of tours and it’s an incredible opportunity to see this unusual constructionwith 14,000 MW of power, producing 95 million kilowatt hours per year. The spillway’s capacity is 62,000 m2/s, which is 40 times more than the water flow of the Iguazu Falls, which is already huge. Because of its grandeur and historical importance, it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Explore the rarity of fauna in the Bird Park!

Are you ready to feel your head soar? In the Bird Park, this scene is quite common. As well as coming across groups of flamingos, a flight of more than 300 parakeets rescued from animal trafficking and feeding the toucans. It is considered the most important bird breeding center in South America, with 900 rare birds of 150 species, most of them native to the 5 hectares of subtropical forest within the Iguazu National Park. The show of movement and colors continues in the butterfly garden, with 41 species all year round. The space enchants millions of visitors from all over the world because it is home to thousands of animals and helps to conserve a unique biome: the Atlantic Rainforest.

Experience the applause at sunset at the Three Borders Landmark!

Foz also offers that remarkable experience shared by travelers from all over the world: applause at sunset. And the address is the Three Borders Landmark, which forms the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The natural spectacle is preceded by a cultural show, which tells a lot about the 400-year history of the three countries. The place goes beyond being just an obelisk of the Triple Frontier, but combines beautiful scenery and good food, with restaurants and bars. It’s all there, in a large open-air square.

Be in 3 countries on the tallest Ferris wheel in Latin America!

In Foz, you can be in three countries at the same time and from the sky! The tallest Ferris wheel in Brazil and Latin America, at 88 meters high, was installed there and offers breathtaking views. From the Yup Star you can see the entire city of Foz, as well as Argentine and Paraguayan territory. See the Friendship Bridge, the Itaipu Power Station and the Paraguay-Argentina bridge in Puerto Iguazú. The night view is a spectacle in itself.

Relax and meditate at the Chen Tien Buddhist temple in Foz!

Foz is also a destination for relaxation and zen, offering forest therapy amidst the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, for the balance and health of its visitors. At the Chen Tien Buddhist Temple, which has a 7-meter-high Buddha statue, you can meditate from the top of an incredible landscape, with views of the center of Foz de Iguaçu and also Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay. The beauty of the place allows for a closer contact with Buddhist philosophy and allows for silent walks around the temple, while contemplating statues and grandiose gardens.

Enjoy Foz's rich international cuisine!

Imagine having access to more than 80 ethnic cuisines in a single city with an estimated population of 260,000 inhabitants. Despite its small size, Foz offers an international cuisine that would be the envy of many Brazilian and world capitals. Italian, Arabic and Japanese cuisine, as well as pizzerias and coffee shops, can be enjoyed alongside the famous wines of the Triple Frontier or even Argentine wines. There are specialized stores and various tastings.

Explore the shopping experience in Paraguay and Argentina!

How about waking up and having a good breakfast at the Del Rey Quality Hotel, doing some great shopping in Ciudad del Este with a typical Paraguayan lunch, visiting a museum, a handicraft fair and stretching out for a dinner in Argentina with some good wine? In Foz, this is a possible experience due to its location on the Triple Frontier. That’s why travelers’ itineraries are so rich and diverse in Foz. You can also choose to go on a harmonized tasting tour of three different wineries. All this in just a few days in the city.

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